Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chicago Psychic Edward Shanahan offering more for those seeking readings

Best Psychic in Chicago award winner offers Psychic Phone Readings.
Phone Psychic Readings by Edward Shanahan
Besides the House Parties I am booked with, and having Spring and Summer weather nearly here for outdoor Psychic Readings House Parties and Spirit Communications in the Chicago land area, I have decided to also offer Phone Readings by appointment only.

I was awarded Best Chicago Psychic in 2012, not self proclaimed, an award given to me. I have
pulled back some from doing the Paranormal Events in the last two years, do to the requests with for the psychic readings and spirit communications.

I am a firm believer in seeking out your loved ones before calling upon strangers of the spirit world that were not part of your living world. I have written about that in the past as paranormal investigators are missing out on what is already known to them and can be confirmed.

There is something bigger in the picture coming, it can be felt and just slowly letting it expand and open up to be discovered.

If your in the Chicago land area and would like to host a Psychic House Party that you can even design or are interested in a Phone Reading and I suggest you record it. Also we could attempt a way of spirit communication / knowledge as I have done this on my Podcast recently.

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