Thursday, August 10, 2017

Edward Shanahan a Chicago Psychic Reader, Spirit Communications and the type of readings offered in an office visit.

The Psychic Readings performed by Edward Shanahan at the Historical Senator John Humphrey House in Orland Pk, IL; are by appointment on Saturdays and some Sundays depending on schedule.

The readings are not based on the number of people being read or doing Spirit Communications as a group. They are based on time spent, starting with thirty minutes to one hour or longer if desired.

What can be offered during your reading session (Palm and Personal Psychometry will be done, and you can pick others depending on how long of a session you want). Many people add the Spirit Communication to the session.
•       Palm Reading.
•       Personal Psychometry to provide you answers.
•       Spirit Communication for loved ones who have passed.
•       Healing Prayer Session.
•       Ritual of Release and Inviting the Positive (inform Edward if this will be requested).
•       Certified as Life Coach and in Law of Attraction.

For more details and to contact Edward Shanahan, visit his website at:
Edward Shanahan Psychic Reader / Medium.