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Chicago Psychic Reader offers more then one person to be read sessions.

Couples and family come together for Private Psychic Readings with Edward Shanahan.
Couples have been coming together for psychic reading sessions with Chicago's Edward Shanahan. Not only couples but families have also been coming together for a session of brief readings that are followed by Spirit Communications Sessions. This for many works better than trying to put together a psychic house party.
It is highly recommended that readings be recorded by the person(s) being read for future reference as all that is said will not be remembered. It is also recommended for the Spirit Communication Sessions, that the session be recorded. Individuals have picked up on the recorder stuff that was not heard during the Spirit Communication Sessions. Using your cell phone works fine for recording.

Private Readings are by appointment only. Choice of having a thirty minute or a full hour reading (works well for individuals, couples, and families), and some do book longer for family readings.

Details of all that is offered for Psychic Reading Session with Edward Shanahan
(you decide on what is desired) can be found below.

If an Individual(s) is interested in meeting Edward Shanahan for a Private Psychic Reading, they are held at the Historic Senator John Humphrey House in Orland Pk, IL.

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Edward Shanahan Chicago Spiritual Psychic Reader
The Private Psychic Reading Session.

Edward Shanahan starts with his version of a Palm Reading. In doing this he will also give you advice about being an old soul with internal spiritual knowledge or a young soul, as he see's it in your hands. The possibility of your own spiritual abilities and more.

He then goes to performing: One on One Psychometry Readings. This is when he puts the individual's hand between both of his hands and he attempts to tap into their energy (aura), and connect with the energy inside the individual.

This ability allows Edward to read by way of their energy: the individual, their emotions (emotion is energy), what may be going on with them with their past, present and future.

Edward feels that this is also best for the individual’s personal answers to their questions, by way of Edward Shanahan’s One on One Psychometry. It is the individual that is the source to what he is reading and feeling, by way of the energy within the individual.

At times the energy of a love one (spirit or living parent etc.), comes through also during the One on One Psychometry Reading, depending on the closeness the individual being read had or has with the other individual.

Spirit Communication Session can also be provided during the Personal Psychic Reading Session. Sometimes a family of three to four individuals may come for an hour session that includes brief readings and the rest of the time in the session is used for Spirit Communications.

Edward Shanahan uses a device for the Spirit Communication that he has been using successfully for a few years. This allows those present to also attempt to communicate with the Spirits of their love ones who have passed away.

Individuals can also bring items of a loved one who has passed away. Edward will attempt to pick-up the energy of the loved one from the item.

Also a reading session can include a Ritual of Release. That is a ritual of releasing negative things in your life. That would be followed by the ritual of inviting the positive in to your life.

Healing prayer can be performed during a session for an individual present if they desire it.

Edward Shanahan is certified in both Law of Attraction and as a Life Coach with Global Sciences Foundation.

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