Saturday, May 12, 2018

Chicago Psychic Meduim and feedback for Psychic Edward Shanahan

By Edward Shanahan.

When you do not seek it, then it is great to receive it.

When doing Readings and Spirit Communication Sessions, I never ask people to send me anything so I can post it. Any that I do receive has been of their free will. When I am done with a session, how it went for them and what they got out of it, is what counts. But it is also great to receive a response like this:

From Jeff Davis:
You got me in contact with my deceased father and you batted a 1000 out of the ballpark!

When he was alive he and I set up a password that only we knew.....NO ONE ELSE!!!! We used it only if the other was in trouble and needed emergency cash 'wired' to them. Thankfully we never had to use it.

During our meeting you were able to pick it up on the first try!!!! I was extremely impressed!
Another thing happened, my left arm began to tingle......your left arm began to tingle as well......IT WAS AWESOME!!!

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Blessings to all,

Edward Shanahan