Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Chicago Psychic Parties and Events | Chicago Psychic Edward Shanahan

More people are having Chicago Psychic Reader Edward Shanahan for their Entertaining Psychic House and Corporate Parties.

Winner of the: Best Chicago Psychic Award. In May of 2014 he was written about in an article in the Huffington Post about his experiences at a paranormal active location in Joliet, IL.

Design Your Own Psychic Party with different activities to pick for your party and can include Spirit Communications, his creation 'Circle of Energy Seance' and more.

Also for larger parties or parties that you would like both a female and male reader together that have been together for over 10 years. Annette who has over 20 yrs of public Tarot Reading experience and can join Edward Shanahan for your parties.

Annette also is the 'only' Reader that Shanahan recommends if he is already booked for a a requested date. Annette who is co-host with Shanahan on The Unexplained World, Internet radio broadcast.

Shanahan reads all those present and Channels with all involved with what he calls his ' Readings in the Round ' and it has become an entertaining part of his Psychic House Parties. He has also done it on stage at night clubs. Also as other Psychics do at house parties, Edward will do private readings and they are 30 minutes each.

Corporate gatherings, large parties or public locations his psychic readings can run 10 minutes for each individual at large parties, corporate gatherings and public locations so that a large number of individuals can enjoy being read, to 30 minute readings for each individual at a house party. .

A Chicago Psychic Reader that has been written about in five books that includes the most recent in 2013. He has published two of his own Paranormal and Spiritual book in 2011, called 'Taking The Paranormal and Spiritual Seriously. Theories - Thoughts - Experiences' and 'My Letter to God' and links to both books can be found on his web site.

Shanahan has written about in the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune's Red Eye Newspaper 'Best Bet' section, Time Out Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune's Weekend section, Southtown Star Newspaper, News Harold Newspapers, WTTW TV, Orland Park Prairie Newspaper and other local papers.

Also he has been showcased on television for his Seance at the Haunted Scutt Mansion in Joliet, you can view the broadcast at his web site. It played on 'The U' - You and Me This Morning, TV show and Shanahan has appeared on WGN radio show ' Chicago Now '.

Also do to requests, Spirit Communications can now be requested at the end of a Psychic House
Party with the use of his Spirit Communication Device.

For more details on the type of Readings Shanahan does,
go to his personal web site at:
Edward Shanahan 
Best Chicago