Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Chicago Psychic House Parties and Design Your Own Psychic Party information

by Edward Shanahan.

Since the year 2000 I have been public in providing entertaining psychic readings from the Chicago land area to readings being done internationally, as I did work with providing psychic readings and even my Circle of Energy Seance on a week long ocean cruise in 2014.

Many of the requests I receive by email is for information on what my house parties consist of and I thought that I would do this article on all of what can be provided for you own psychic house party.

You do have options on what you would like to do at your house party, from the regular private readings to even allowing you to ‘Design Your Own Psychic Party’.

I charge an hourly rate, so the host decides if she would like to have 60 minutes, 30 minutes or 20 minutes readings for private reading or the host can pick any combination of the other options listed below with the Design Your Own Psychic Party.

Spirit Communications with loved ones etc.. can be performed as a group after the readings and is popular with the house parties.
Psychic House Party

You as the host
have options for the type of Entertaining Psychic House Party that you would like to have. In 2015 I am even offering a ‘Design Your Own Psychic House Party’. 

‘Private Readings’
for each person at the party. This is usually done in a separate from the other guests at your house party.

‘Readings in the Round
’. This is where I do the readings right there in the open. It's entertaining for everyone at the party. Readings in the Round would run aprox 10 - 15 minutes for each person. (I base it on the amount of people I would be reading for with the Readings In The Round).

Gallery / Message Group Reading –
This can be fun for a larger group. Each individual writes two questions they are seeking answers for on a piece of paper, fold it and put their name the sheet of paper. Everyone’s sheet of paper are collected.   
I then pull a sheet of paper, call out the person’s name, give them a short reading in front of everyone. Then I look at their questions. I do not read them out loud, I give an answer to each one of the questions. Then I move on to pulling another sheet of paper and doing a reading for another person.
Spirit Communication Session - This everyone can participate in as I use a Spirit Communication Device. This would be done after the readings and would be an attempt to communicate with individual’s loved ones.
Circle of Energy Séance - Is a seance that is an attempt to tap into the spirits of your loved ones who have passed away. 
Ritual of Release - negative things in your life and then followed by the ritual of inviting the positive in to your life.
With any type of reading, I never do negative / fear,  medical type of readings or how to invest your money.

I bring my own table cover, light and extension cord. You will have to provide a table / chairs for the readings.
The type of psychic readings I do:
I do a palm reading and then go into doing what I call One on One Psychometry Reading, this is where I put the person's hand between both of mine and tap into their energy and their inner self. This is the best for also answering questions.

Also at times during the psychometry session, I will tap into a love who has passed away and is strongly with the person being read.

If there are a few individuals who have the same loved one, I would suggest then doing that loved one as a group with the Spirit Communication session.
Also if doing private readings, I do a version of a Tarot Reading if they are 30 minute readings.

The House Party Fee:
is base on a hourly fee with a minimum of 3 hours. This allows the host to decide on how long the readings will be for each person and what else the host
wants to provide for the guests.

I have recently done a house party for seven hours. 12 private psychic readings for 30 minutes each and also included a one hour spirit communication session with all that had readings that day.

For more details on the type of psychic readings I do, my books, podcast and more, go to my personal web sites at:
Edward Shanahan
Best Chicago Psychic .com

Thank You and Blessings,
Edward Shanahan