Monday, April 20, 2015

Chicago Psychic with Ideas for Things To Do for Spring and Summer Fun

by Edward Shanahan.

Spring and Summer are here and the things to do now for those interested in the thrill of Chicago Psychic Readings or having some spooky and need to hold one close fun?

For those interested in the Psychic Entertainment, of course you can have one at your next house party and you can actually claim you have one who has been awarded the 'Best Chicago Psychic' at your house party.

With the nice Spring and Summer Nights in the Chicago land area, think about having a Psychic Readings Party that can even be held outside. This could include even Spirit Communications around a nice outdoor fire, as the flames dance in the darkness with the energy they are throwing off.

I have been doing the readings now since the year 2000 and have received the award mentioned above. I also do not charge by the reading, only for my time and this allows you as the host, to design your own party by the options you can have for the night.

Also consider a private yacht cruise for your party with readings, one of a kind Psychic Reading Party on Lake Michigan at night with the city of Chicago as your backdrop.

Feel free to contact me by way of my web sites: Edward Shanhan or Best Chicago Psychic.

 Paranormal and Spooky fun things to do day or night for an interesting adventure.

Free Chicago Paranormal Tour Locations you can find by going to the Pinterest Board "Chicago Haunted Tour Locations of Archer Avenue and more'. The Pinterest Board has 16 locations along Archer Avenue and other areas the pay tours take and comes with photos and is mapped out for you. You can find it at: Chicago Haunted Tour Locations of Archer Avenue.

For more on Pinterest, like Halloween ideas and concepts, The Wild West, Abandoned and wanting to visit location, DIY and much more that equals 22 Pinterest Boards, visit: Edward Shanahan on Pinterest.

Also there is the Free App you can download and comes with an audio tour, GPS and photos so you also see each location. You can find it at: Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue Tour.

There is the huge online free paranormal magazine with over 640 articles and growing. You can find the magazine at: Paranormal and Spiritual World News.

Of course you have the old go to and worn out FPDCC location 'Bachelor's Grove Cemetery', with it's clan of living regulars that hangout there and are like squatters in a way.

They are usually just older men trying to convince the visiting strangers of many things, like new stories that they are telling about the place, along with some of them handing out business cards to get people to visit their website.

Remember to visit Bachelor's Grove Cemetery during the daylight hours, for your safety and also to follow the law of the FPDCC (Forest Preserve District of Cook County). Also visit the free online magazine: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Tribute magazine.

Haunted Archer Avenue - Paranormal Collection Poker Playing Cards, design and photos by Edward Shanahan

 Haunted Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - Paranormal Collection Poker Playing Cards, design and photos by Edward Shanahan

Haunted Senator John Humphrey House - Paranormal Collection Poker Playing Cards, design and photo by Edward Shanahan

Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan, Paranormal Host, Author and awarded Best Chicago Psychic. Paranormal Collection Poker Playing Cards, design and photo by Edward Shanahan.

This  what I will be giving the host when I do the Psychic House Parties.

For your next card game or just for your paranormal collection or the start of one, these are unique Paranormal Location Poker Playing Cards.

The photographs of the locations are unique as they are my creations and includes: Haunted Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Haunted Archer Avenue Locations, Haunted Senator Humphrey House, and they can be found at the web page: Paranormal Poker Playing Cards by Edward Shanahan.

Also for your listening pleasures, 8 years of The Unexplained World, Internet Radio Podcast. You can download them for free at: The Unexplained World.

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Enjoy your Spring and Summer and hopefully some ideas to add to it, or let me entertain at your next party.

Edward Shanahan
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