Thursday, November 2, 2017

Edward Shanahan and The Spirit Within

Being a Chicago Psychic Medium for 17 years, it has been a deep slow discovery that is one step at a time. Never gone to a class, it all has been a natural discovery of each of the gifts that I am able to use and others that may still be discovered.

My 'One on One Psychometery' is something that just happened years ago and I then allowed my self to open up to it more. I learned to go with the flow of what I was picking up with the energy of the person I am reading.

By just going with the flow, also at times allows me to also pick up on the loved ones, living and passed of the person I am reading.

I do this my way, not the way another may feel is the proper way. Because I have learned to count on the Spirit Within. Something we all have to some degree, some people having more then others. I base that on them being an old soul or a young soul, and I look at that being the amount of Internal Spiritual Knowledge that the person may have.

Many in the field look at it as their own power or energy. I do not, I look at it as the Promised Powers or Abilities. Mine is a gift and something I attempt to share with others and at times I have worked with people to feel the Spiritual Side on paranormal nights.

The Spiritual Openness of one's self may be something I work with others on in the if requested as a small group of three or so at the Senator Humphrey House.

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Edward Shanahan
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