Saturday, December 30, 2017

Will be doing Office Psychic Readings Saturday Jan. 6th in Orland Pk, IL

by Edward Shanahan,

I will be doing Readings, Spirit Communications, Ritual of Release of the negative and Welcoming of the Positive.. Saturday January 6th at the Humphrey House and by appointment only.

You can bring individuals with you to also share in the session time, as I do not charge by the person.

Details - The Private Office Readings fee for 2018 will remain the same as it has been for the last 5 years.

I only do private readings in Orland Park, on Saturdays when I do not have house parties to provide readings and Spirit Communications.

All Private Office Readings are by appointment only.

I highly recommend that you record your session, be it with me or any other psychic that you decide to go to. Your cell phone can record.

The Spirit Communication Session for your loved ones, I also highly recommend that you record because for the fact that other then what is being heard, stuff that was not heard, have been heard when listening to the recording later.

You can bring others to participate with you, as my fee is based on the time spent, not the amount of people.

I have had couples and up to 5 members of a family participate in a session that included Psychic Readings, Spirit Communication and a Healing Prayer Session.

I book the Private Office Readings at the location that is in Orland Pk, it is the Senator John Humphrey House, and the address is below.

You would need to tell me the length of time you would want for a reading and they are listed below.

What can be offered during your reading session (Palm and Personal Psychometry will be done, and you can pick others depending on how long of a session you want).

Many people add the Spirit Communication to the session.

• Palm Reading.
• One on One Psychometry, this is the best to provide you answers by tapping into your energy.
• Spirit Communication for loved ones who have passed.
• Healing Prayer Session.
• Ritual of Release and Inviting the Positive (inform Edward if this will be requested).
• Certified as Life Coach and in Law of Attraction.

** If you are interested in a private reading, let me know and how long of reading you would like.
Office Private Readings:

Readings are done at the: Historical Senator John Humphrey House. 9830 W 144th Pl, Orland Park, IL

The fees are for a 30 minute reading $55 or a full hour for $100

If you would like to book a Private Office Reading, email me at: